Sunday, March 20, 2011

if I could be somebody....

i have wrote this essay about a month ago..a lot of mistake in this is about chef wan,911 words one day..haha..budak skolah punye ayat..huu..

Do you have an idol? When someone asks you if you could be somebody else for a day, who will you choose? My friend has told me she wants to be King Syed Najad who is governing in Iran. I think everyone have their own idol. I have also an idol. An idol is very important in our lives. We will become a fantastic person if we have a fantastic idol to look up to. If I could be somebody else for a day, I want to be Redzuawan bin Ismail or more well-known as Chef Wan. He was born in Singapore in 1958. He is the eldest in a family of seven children. I really like him because he is a hilarious and has a happy appearance. He is not just good at making great food but he also owns a unique persona and is a gregarious person. He loves to entertain people and socialize. His favourite type of food is Asian and Japanese food, followed closely by Thai and Provance Cuisine.

If have a chance to be somebody else for a day, I want to be Chef Wan because he is very intelligent in his studies and making decisions. Not many people know the fact that this Singaporean-born cook was a qualified accountant but due to his deep interest in cooking, he quits his accounting profession. After that, he learned cooking and now acquired an associate degree in Professional Chef Training and Hotel Management from the California Culinary Academy. He also has a Ritz Escoffeir Diploma from the Ritz Hotel in Paris. He became a creative, innovated and professional chef. I am really impressed with him. Even though he knew his decision would disappoint his father back then, he could not hold back his passion and was no longer willing to lie to himself. In our community, he is a living testament of ‘Cherish your passion, follow your heart’. If I were Chef Wan, I would not neglect my profession as an accountant but to do both accounting and a chef at the same time. I want to make my life full with work because I love to work. I hope I can achieve a lot of credentials like him such as in accounting and culinary.

Moreover, our country is very indebted to him because he has made our country’s name proud at international arena, representing Malaysia as food ambassador in many kinds of food fiesta and tourism exhibitions around the world such as Malaysia International Trade Board. He also has appeared in worldwide news and programmes such as CBBC Asia, CNN, Channel News Asia and so on. Besides that, he has successfully made numerous cookery demonstration at many kinds of food fairs such as The World SIAL Food Expo in Paris and The World Anuga Food in Koln, Germany. He received a standing ovation by the participants at the end of his speech. His old style of ‘mak-nenek’ is nagging never fail to captivate people. In short, he is one amazing prominence. If I could be Chef Wan for a day, I would like to send my proposals to big companies. I am confident that they will take me as a part of their companies since I have a lot of experience. They will be astonished with my experiences. Furthermore, contrary with Chef Wan, I will ask the government to give me a medal because I have made Malaysia’s name proud. Moreover, I will buy a television especially for food programmes only.

In addition, Chef Wan has a lot of experience in cooking. It is because after he quit his profession as an accountant, he focused on how to be a chef. Nowadays, he holds many tags and roles as professional chef, Food Ambassador of Malaysia, Resident Chef to the Asian Food Channel, Food Critic and others. He is different from other chef because he is not just a chef. He is well-travelled, an actor, a motivator and a speaker. He has cooked for many famous people which include the Sultan of Brunei. Thus, he got a lot of skills in this profession as a chef. Based on his experiences, if I could be him for a day, I want to open my own restaurant. I will open my restaurants in all cities and teach my chefs to cook with my own skills. Furthermore, I want to establish a charity and an orphanage. I want to be their chef and to cook delicious food for them. It is because I want them always smile and happy. Food makes people happy. No matter how big your problems are, you still have to eat. I believe that problem will seem bigger on an empty stomach. Thus, I have to find out a lot of experience to make everything better.

In conclusion, an idol is very important in our life because he or she can be our inspiration and we will try our best to be like him or her. I think Chef Wan is the best individual example. Food has made him famous, rich and he could travel all over the world. I hope he does not stop his profession and always in spirit as a professional chef. I have a strong desire to be like him. Thus, I must study hard and always be courageous in everything I do. It is to make sure that I can be the second Chef Wan. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

-the end-

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